NFL considers “Josh McDaniels rule” so coaches can take new jobs during playoffs

During this year’s playoffs, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels verbally agreed to become the next head coach of the Colts. But by rule, he couldn’t sign with the Colts until the Patriots’ postseason was over. And after the Super Bowl, McDaniels jilted the Colts and stayed in New England.

The NFL would like to make sure that doesn’t happen again. As a result, the league is considering a new rule that would permit coaches to sign contracts with new teams while still coaching for their old teams.

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“This year is a little bit different from the last couple of years,” Bill Belichick said Friday. “Going into those past two drafts, I’d say we were able to eliminate a number of players just based on where we were selecting. This year, it’s a little bit different from that. We need to know the draft from top to bottom and potentially, I’d say there’s a handful of players that are probably out of reach, but realistically just about everybody’s in play – other than a handful of guys. That’s a little bit different than what it’s been.”

Belichick said he’d disagree with the notion that teams have true “draft needs.” For the Patriots, they aim to draft a player with the highest grade for that specific pick. The Patriots try to avoid selecting a player just because they have a need. Instead, it’s about trying to collect the best talent available.

The Patriots are, however, in a position to add players to positions that need to be restocked. One big one is quarterback due to Brady turning 41. The other option on the roster, Brian Hoyer, turns 33 this season.dolphins_010

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