Why Giambi turned down Yankees job

Did Gardner hurt his knee on a play? Bang it on a coffee table?

No, he said, it wasn’t necessarily any one injury or any one thing. Just kind of an over-time thing, I guess.

Aaron Judge, who was the Yankees’ DH in the game, got a kick out of watching the play unfold from the dugout.

Laughing, Judge said, (Severino’s) an athlete out there. I think he’s just trying to win that Gold Glove. So he did a pretty good job of it. That was pretty impressive right there.

Apparently Sanchez and Severino rehashing the play in the Yankees dugout was entertaining, too.

But John Bodenhamer, the USGA’s senior managing director of championships and governance, said that the Rules Committee did not feel Mickelson’s actions met that criteria.

Strangely, the USGA deemed that Mickelson played the moving ball, rather than moving or stopping it, which could have brought disqualification into play.

Mickelson’s playing partner, Andrew Beef Johnston, seemed to get a kick out of the whole thing. The two players shared a laugh after the bizarre turn of events and Johnston later said he’s never seen anything like it.

The Minnesota Vikings veteran cornerback now appears ready to absorb another responsibility, but this time on the back end of coverage.

Newman took repetitions at safety during the team’s minicamp and his performance impressed defensive coordinator George Edwards.

Whether he is playing his natural position or helping out at safety, Newman’s importance to the Vikings defense and willingness to help out when called upon can’t be overlooked.

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