Vikings G.M. doesn’t mind writing big checks

tigers_011-115x115The Vikings have spent plenty of money already this offseason, most of it going to quarterback Kirk Cousins.

There’s more money to spend, with deals for more young stars on the horizon.

That had General Manager Rick Spielman laughing with attendees at the team’s charity golf tournament.

Fifty percent of the proceeds today will go to the contracts of Anthony Barr, Stefon Diggs and Danielle Hunter,” Spielman joked, via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Spending big on Cousins was an all-in proposition for a team that was very good, and very close a year ago. But those economic realities Spielman mentioned will naturally shorten the window for a veteran team, and creates pressure to hit on draft picks so they have cost-controlled contributors on the roster as well.

But with three years remaining on his deal, what would skipping mandatory minicamp and/or holding out of training camp accomplish? It could be that Jones opted simply to flag the issue by skipping voluntary OTAs this year, and that he’ll show up from this point forward, hopeful that the new deal comes after the current season. If it doesn’t, then next year Jones may opt for a different tactic.

Semi-educated guess? He’ll be there. Come next year, however, Jones may push harder for a new contract. If he doesn’t get one, maybe he’ll even inch a little closer toward shirtless driveway situps.

The Saints traded the 27th and 147th picks in this year’s draft along with next year’s first-round pick in order to take Davenport with to the 14th overall pick. Coach Sean Payton said that call was made because of how important it is to find premier pass rushers and they’re surely happy to know that Davenport’s thumb issue doesn’t look like an obstacle to becoming one.

I think Johnny will come fast because we’re not going to change things from here on, Jones said last week. He has the whole offense in, and he’s been running it on the field. Now, does he know what he’s doing with it yet? No. But because we’re repping it all with him now, he’s going to come faster than what is typical.

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